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A fluorine based plastic, ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) offers impressive corrosion resistance and strength over a very wide temperature range. ETFE lends itself to a vast range of applications because it is melt-processable.

Fluon® ETFE is available in a number of forms:

Melt processable copolymers composed of tetrafluoroethylene, Fluon® ETFE resins offer excellent processability and heat resistance, as well as superior physical toughness and adaptability to meet a wide range of applications.

The mechanical and electrical insulation properties of these exceptional fluoropolymers are outstanding. They maintain stable mechanical and electrical properties while exposed to temperatures ranging from -200°C to +150°C. Superior tensile elongation and strength ensure no breakage by impact at room temperature. They are even resistant to low-temperature impact down to at least -80° C. Tolerant to almost all chemical agents and solvents, Fluon® ETFE resins are also resistant to ultra-violet light, making them very suitable for outdoor use.

Available in pellet form, Fluon® ETFE resins can be processed by extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding.
Applications include wire and cable coating for automotive applications, robotics and electronic equipment, tubes, films, sheets, tape and parts for the semi-conductor industry.

Fluon® LM-ETFE has even better thermal stability, heat resistance, stress crack resistance and is more flexible and transparent than standard ETFE. The LOI (limiting oxygen index) is also improved. It can be processed at a wider range of temperatures due to its improved thermal stability and lower melting point.

FLUON® LM-ETFE Adhesive Resins
Fluon® LM-ETFE adhesive resins have been engineered to provide enhanced adhesion when bonding with polyamides (PA). They are ideal for co-extrusion applications, such as fuel hoses where ETFE barrier properties are crucial. An anti-static version is also available. Fluon® LM-ETFE Adhesive Resins are used in the SUNBESTA® fuel hose system.

FLUON® ETFE Heat Resistant Resins
This range gives a higher service temperature and greater thermal stability compared with conventional ETFE. It was designed for wire and cable extrusion and has an operating temperature window of -180°C - +180°C.

FLUON® ETFE Compound Grades
Fluon® ETFE Compound Grades are used where improved properties over standard ETFE resin are needed and a variety of custom reinforcements and conductivity levels are available. Various filled grades are available to provide enhanced properties, such as reduced mould shrinkage, improved wear resistance and increased flexural strength.

FLUON® ETFE Powder Grades
Fluon® ETFE is also available in powder form for electrostatic coating, fluid bed dip coating and rotolining in non-stick and corrosion-resistant applications.

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