Fluon+ ADHESIVE are fluorinated adhesive resins made with Fluon ETFE or PFA. They are used in applications requiring strong adhesion to plastics and metals. These compounds also exhibit high permeation resistance to many fluids and gases, especially automotive fuels.


Various hoses and pipe inner walls

Laminating film

Materials for printed circuit boards

Main Product Types

Standard resin

Conductive resin

Adhesive Fluon+ EA-2000 resin is drawing a lot of attention as a material for 5G-compatible printed circuit boards that are used in higher frequency bands. While retaining the excellent inherent characteristics of fluoropolymers such as heat resistance and electrical characteristics, Fluon+ EA-2000 provides superior adhesion, which enhances processing capabilities and the reliability of printed circuit boards.
In addition, Fluon+ EA-2000 makes it possible to enhance the electrical characteristics of materials by being overlayed or dispersed on other materials.

Main Product Types



Material for CCL/FCCL:

Adhesiveness toward copper foil

Dk and Df

Comparison of transmittance loss in high-frequency area

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