Enhanced Material Science – Resins and Compounds

Fluon+ is a new range of functional fluoropolymers based on a unique technology developed by AGC Chemicals.

These grades are modified reactive materials, ideal for composite constructions, polymer blends, high-performance 5G coatings, multi-layer tubes, and other applications where adhesion or blending of fluoropolymers can improve chemical, physical, thermal and electrical performance.

About Fluon+

Fluon+ combines AGC‘s technological leadership in functional fluoropolymers with its expertise in high performance polymers, compounds and composites technology. Under the Fluon+ brand, AGC proposes fluoropolymer products which deliver enhanced values and performance, going beyond the performance threshold of our existing Fluon fluoropolymer products.

What Does AGC do with Fluon+?

  • Functional fluoropolymers further improve upon the performance of existing fluoropolymers and add performance previously absent in fluoropolymers
  • Overturning the conventional idea that fluorine is hard to mix, Fluon+ has dramatically improved the performance of general plastics and engineering plastics
  • With Fluon+, a unique composite material, we have cultivated a market that has not yet been penetrated by fluoropolymers

We combine all these proposals with the outstanding properties of fluoropolymers:

  • Flame Retardance
  • Anti-Friction
  • Optical Properties
  • Heat Resistance
  • Weatherability
  • Water and Oil Repellency
  • Electrical Properties
  • Chemical Resistance

Industries and Applications Where Fluon+™ is Used

Automotive materials

  • Materials for electrical wire coatings around motors
  • Fuel line materials
  • Materials for CFRP/CFRTP (interior/exterior)

Materials for printed circuit boards

  • PCB/FPC materials
  • 5G-related low dielectric materials

Materials for plants

  • Liquid chemical hoses
  • Heat resistant cables
  • Various types of packaging
  • Lining materials
  • Alternatives to metal parts

Oil & gas

  • Materials for electric wire coating
  • Reinforcing materials (CFRTP)


  • Various processing / film / chemical packaging materials, etc.

Product Forms

Under the Fluon+ brand, we explore product forms tailored to customer applications, rather than providing only resin pellets.

  • Pellets
  • PowderDispersion
  • Films/sheets
  • Molded products

Growing technological capabilities to cater to customer expectations

The adoption and use of Fluon+ products created by the development team is progressing not only in the automotive industry, but also in a diverse range of other fields, including telecommunications, energy and construction.

For example, the creation of 5G telecommunications systems—which facilitate high-speed high-volume communications—requires the use of higher precision PCBs, and there was a need to combat issues such as transmission loss and heat generated by circuitry.

Although fluoropolymer materials—with their low electrical permittivity and low dielectric dissipation factor—were capable of fulfilling these requirements, there were also significant hurdles to their adoption since conventionally it was not possible to bond them with the metallic components used in electronic circuitry. Fluon+ ADHESIVE is an ideal material for PCBs because it bonds easily with metals, and is readily compatible with other materials. In the future, we expect to see a major increase in demand in this field.

The Fluon+ range will also continue to evolve, as we develop products with higher level adhesive properties, while incorporating the needs of customers. There is no doubt that AGC’s Fluon+ will continue to be one possible solution for catering to increasingly higher requirements for materials in various fields. When customers wish to add the properties of fluoropolymers—such as resistance to heat and chemical agents, electrical properties, water repellency and lubricity—to their existing materials, AGC’s Fluon+ will offer an ideal solution.

Moreover, AGC continues to produce a constant stream of other new products that cater to customer needs. The evolution of AGC’s technologies is a result of relentless refinement to live up to the expectations of customers. “Isn’t there a material with these properties?” “Is it possible to use this material to do this?” Even the smallest request is fuel for our development efforts.

We would love to hear from you about your problems. Until now, AGC has accumulated skills and experience through its involvement with manufacturing workplaces and product in a diverse range of fields. We solve problems using the world’s latest cutting-edge technology. Please consult us regarding any issues you may have.

Fluon+ MPC

These compounds enhance properties and add pigment to a wide range of fluoropolymer resins including ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, MFA, PFA and PVDF.


Fluon+ ADHESIVE is a fluorinated adhesive resin made with Fluon®ETFE and PFA and is used in applications which require strong adhesion to other plastics or metals.

Fluon+ composites

Fluon+ Composites are adhesive fluoropolymers which have been developed by AGC and may be combined/laminated with CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics)/CFRTP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermo Plastics) for a “plus alpha” performance.

Fluon+ Modifiers incorporate functionalised fluoropolymers into existing polymer matrices and composites.

Fluon+ mPlastics is a new range of compounds modified with fluoropolymer material science that was developed based on AGC’s compounding technology. This group of fluorinated compounding solutions can be tailored to achieve specific performance requirements to me the needs of our customers.

Fluon+ FPC

Tailored to your specific needs, we are able to compound any PTFE resin with pigments and fillers such as glass, graphite and metal powders.

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