AGFP Pension Scheme

Welcome to the Pensions Section of the AGCCE Website

Here we aim to share information with members and to provide you with ways to get in touch with us if you have questions or requests.  We are required by law to provide some of the information and complying with the legal requirements makes the documents rather lengthy.  Please bear with us in this respect.

The Asahi Glass Fluoropolymers Pension scheme (to give it its full name) is a trust based scheme, so is run by trustees on behalf of members.  Details of the current trustees, three of whom are appointed by the employer and two of whom are nominated by the members, are given below.  The scheme has two sections – a Defined Benefit (DB, sometimes known as final salary) section that was closed to new members in 2009 but is still very important to some members, and a Defined Contribution (DC, sometimes known as money purchase) section which is available to new members.  Look out for DB or DC in the titles of documents to see which are relevant to you. 

Pensions may seem distant or boring.  Another way to think of pensions is as a tax efficient way to save for your retirement with the tremendous bonus of company contributions –  “Lifetime savings”.  A small amount saved now builds up over the years to give a really useful boost to your retirement income.  It is never too early to think about your contributions and we encourage everyone to consider how much income they are going to need when they retire to have an enjoyable retirement.

Please share with us your thoughts about the web site and any suggestions for improvements.

Graham Andrews, Chair of Trustees


Graham Andrews, Chair of Trustees

Martyn Shenton, Member Nominated Trustee

Chris Bell, Member Nominated Trustee

George Emmerson, Company Nominated Trustee

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