Fluon+ FPC are PTFE compounds composed of pigments and fillers such as glass, carbon, graphite and metal powders (bronze and molybdenum disulfide). These molding powders offer enhanced wear resistance, creep resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity over virgin PTFE resins. Filled PTFE compounds also preserve several properties including low coefficient of friction, excellent chemical resistance and a wide service temperature range.

Glass-filled PTFE compounds are the most universally used. They can be utilized at service temperatures from -250°C to +260°C in chemical environments ranging from liquid oxygen to fuming nitric acid, in severe wear pads for railway cars, and for self-lubricating compressor rings for non-aluminum cylinders.

Pelletised compounds are produced in an environmentally friendly manner. They are easily processed in automatic molding equipment and are used primarily in automotive parts. Non-pelletized compounds are used in applications that demand the highest mechanical strength.

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