Flexibility Meets Performance – Insulation for the Future of Zero-Emissions Transport


In an ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements and changing industry demands, the need for cutting-edge materials in high voltage wire and cable solutions has never been more critical. As we witness the rise of electric vehicles, battery-powered transport, electric aircraft, subsea cables, and other energy sector applications, the requirements for cables have become increasingly complex. These cables must not only handle high voltages and extreme temperatures but also exhibit characteristics such as lightweight construction, flexibility, and resistance to partial discharge. AGC Chemicals Europe stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges with its innovative Fluon+™ range of enhanced materials.

The Future of High Voltage Wire and Cable Solutions:

AGC’s Fluon+™ range offers forward-thinking solutions to meet the evolving needs of the high voltage wire and cable industry. Specifically engineered for electric vehicle cable insulation and convoluted heat protection tubes, these products are designed to cater to a wide range of applications, including electric aircraft, battery-powered transport, subsea cables, and the broader energy sector.

Key Advantages of Fluon+™ Enhanced Materials:

Fluon+™ Adhesive: Reducing Corona Discharge

One of the primary challenges in high voltage applications is the risk of partial discharge, which can lead to electrical insulation breakdown. This problem is often initiated by electrically charged gas within microscopic voids, typically found between the conductor and insulator. AGC’s Fluon+™ adhesive grades can chemically bond with a range of materials, increasing design flexibility. By incorporating Fluon+™ adhesive products into the insulating layer, the incidence of voids and partial discharge can be significantly reduced, enhancing the reliability and lifetime of high voltage cables.

Fluon+™ Semi-Conductive and Antistatic: Dissipating Static Electricity

High voltage cable applications require the effective modulation or dissipation of static electricity to maintain a uniform electrical field. AGC’s Fluon+™ semi-conductive and antistatic grades combine the exceptional qualities of fluoropolymers with the functional capabilities of carbon black. These ready-to-use compounds are well-established in high voltage cable applications, ensuring a consistent electrical performance. Available in PFA or ETFE variants, they play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of high voltage cables.

Fluon+™ High Performance Flexible Fluoropolymers: Balancing Flexibility and Performance

AGC’s Fluon+™ AR-ETFE is a range of melt-processable compounds that provide the desirable properties of a fluoropolymer while offering greatly enhanced flexibility. This is especially valuable in applications such as high voltage subsea cables, where ease of handling is essential. These compounds are capable of continuous operation at temperatures of up to 200°C and can be further enhanced through radiation crosslinking. Additionally, they can be coloured using Fluon+™ Colour Concentrates, allowing for branding and easy cable identification.

Fluon+™ MPC Colour Concentrates: Meeting Safety and Identification Requirements

Fluon+™ MPC Colour Concentrates have been specifically designed to work seamlessly with Fluon® and Fluon+™ fluoropolymer resins. This is particularly valuable in applications where the identification of high voltage cables and harnesses is essential for safety, which is a growing trend in the automotive industry. These colours are resistant to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and are capable of withstanding attack from most chemicals./p>


As the future of high voltage wire and cable solutions continues to evolve, AGC Chemicals Europe’s Fluon+™ grades offer a range of innovative materials engineered to meet the ever-growing demands of electric vehicles, electric aircraft, subsea cables, and the broader energy sector. With reduced partial discharge, effective static electricity dissipation, enhanced flexibility, and colour options for safety and branding, these compounds are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of high voltage wire and cable technology. AGC Chemicals Europe’s commitment to advancing materials science ensures that they are ready to meet the future needs of this rapidly evolving industry.