AGC Chemicals Europe Opens its Regional Hydrogen Energy Application Laboratory to Collaborate with Customers

Earlier this year, AGC Chemicals Europe opened its Hydrogen Energy Application Laboratory (HEAL) at its Technical Centre, based at the Amsterdam Science Park, to improve the support to customers and users of FORBLUE™ membranes and ionomers for water electrolysis.

Establishment of the HEAL is a response to increased demand for testing, characterisation and qualification effort within the hydrogen sector. Specific capabilities cover in-situ and ex-situ proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysis testing to assess performance, endurance, process optimisations, and failure analysis, advancing the technical readiness of membrane solutions. This addresses the challenges of green hydrogen in terms of yield improvements and bottom-line cost reduction, allowing it to play its key role in the green energy transition, helping industries such as production, transportation, and energy to achieve the vision of a zero-emission society.

Nobuaki Mori, CEO & Chairman of AGC Chemicals Europe, said:

“The HEAL brings our service model to the next level, allowing for close customer collaboration with the ultimate aim of accelerating projects for green hydrogen production.”