AGC Chemicals Europe at the Middle East Coatings Show

AGC is excited to be once again exhibiting at the Middle East Coatings Show in Dubai.

AGC will present LUMIFLON™, an OH functional resin, first developed in 1982. The solvent-soluble FEVE resin fluoropolymer allows fluoropolymer coatings to be cured at room temperature. For the first time, the durability, weatherability and long-term cost effectiveness of fluoropolymer coatings is now available for field application. With their superior performance and life cycle cost advantages, it is no wonder that fluororesin paints based on LUMIFLON™ are produced by many manufacturers and applied to more than 150,000 industrial and architectural structures, aircraft and automobiles worldwide. 


LUMIFLON™’s unique alternating structure of fluoroethylene and vinyl ether segments is key to its ultra-weatherability. It is available in a full product range of solvent borne, water borne and powder resin types. LUMIFLON™ coatings offer brilliant, long-lasting colours with a wide gloss range. Due to its ability to resist UV degradation, corrosion and chemical exposure LUMIFLON™-based coatings require little to no maintenance. 


Its unique chemical structure improves resistance to corrosion from water, oxygen and even chloride ions, ensuring a longer life for industrial structures like bridges with far less need for repainting. With its long lifespan of up to 60 years, LUMIFLON™ eliminates the environmental impact of repeated repainting and recoating. No other coating type can match LUMIFLON™’s combination of attractiveness, application flexibility and – as tests and studies confirm – long life and weathering resistance. Since they last so much longer, LUMIFLON™ -based coatings can substantially reduce any project’s life cycle costs, including maintenance costs, replacement costs and recoating costs.  


For more information on LUMIFLON™’s applications worldwide visit us at stand E02-A.