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Webinar: AFLAS® FEPM Lamination to Other Elastomers for Automotive Hose Applications

As part of the 14th joint webinar ‘Elastomers and Polymers – Can the demand for improved sustainability be satisfied?‘ organised by the Manchester Polymer Group in collaboration with the Rubber In Engineering Group, AGC’s Chris Kent will give a talk discussing the lamination of AFLAS® FEPM to other elastomers for automotive hose applications.

As demands on internal combustion engines become stronger, conditions become harsher. High-temperature coolant in turbochargers, breakdown components of engine oils, and alkaline additives, can all reduce the lifetime of hoses. AFLAS® performs well under these conditions, but conventional grades are difficult to bond to other elastomersand a whole AFLAS® hose is an expensive solution. A newly-developed grade allows co-lamination, providing the option to create less expensive hoses without sacrificing performance.

Overall, this webinar will highlight the latest developments and progress made in meeting the challenge of improving the carbon footprint of elastomers and polymers. The topic will be covered by six speakers, who will highlight the challenges for those working in these sectors to meet current expectations.


Chris’s presentation will take place on Monday, 16 November 2020 at 13:55 (GMT). To participate please register free of charge. The registration will close on Saturday, 14 November at 17:00 (GMT).

Chris Kent

Chris Kent, Technical Sales Representative

Chris Kent

Beginning his career in industry back in 2000, Chris Kent started as a chemistry apprentice in the nuclear sector. To gain further knowledge, he studied part time and graduated with a degree in Chemistry in 2005 and continued to work in this highly-regulated sector. In 2015, he switched to the polymer industry, joining AGC Chemicals Europe as QA Manager, where he obtained a broad understanding of the manufacturing processes for fluoropolymers.  

Looking for a new challenge, he moved into the Commercial team in 2017 as a Technical Service Advisor, which provided him with an insight into the various industries to which AGC supplies its products, particularly automotive, aerospace, and chemical processing. This gave him the opportunity to see how consumers of polymers manufacture their various parts and the potential problems and challenges they may encounter.

Chris was recently appointed to the position of Technical Sales Advisor, with responsibility for accounts in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Turkey. His passion for novel technologies and developments has led him to explore new opportunities in the field of fluoropolymers, particularly composites.