Winner of this year’s INDEGA IPM INNOVATION AWARD – 2SaveEnergy (F-Clean® Film)

The new greenhouse roof system “2SaveEnergy” has won the INDEGA IPM Innovation Award during one of the biggest horticultural exhibitions in Europe, IPM Essen (Germany). The award was handed over by the President of the Representation of interests of the German horticulture industry (INDEGA).

The practical and economical solution for energy-efficient growing inside greenhouses convinced the committee, as it perfectly reflects this year’s focus on ”innovations and new technical features relating to all aspects of products for the regional and supraregional production of vegetables”.

The product combines glass with AGC’s diffuse F-Clean® film, which is an ETFE film used for greenhouse applications. Benefits of F-Clean® include excellent light and UV transmission.  The diffused surface allows for light scatter, which enables optimum light and growth for plants.

Furthermore, the combination of anti-reflective coated glass and the system’s efficient insulation properties enables growers to increase production, whilst consuming 50% less energy.

The 2SaveEngergy Consortium has been developed in collaboration with VDH Plastic Greenhouses, Van der Valk Horti Systems, BOAL Systems and AGC (AGC Green-tech and AGC Chemicals Europe). For more details, please visit the website: