LUMIFLON™ , Fluorinated Resins for Ultra-Durable Coatings

A talk by Dr Floris Kooistra, Technical Service Centre Manager

Dr Floris Kooistra will give a talk at this year’s Middle East Coatings Show, focusing on the use of LUMIFLON™ resins for ultra-durable coatings for architectural -, industrial – and heavy duty applications.

LUMIFLON™ is generically known as an FEVE resin and its unique alternating structure of fluoroethylene and vinyl ether segments is key to its ultra-weatherability. It is available in a full product range of solvent borne, water borne and powder resin technology. LUMIFLON™ is offered as an OH functional resin, allowing for crosslinking in traditional polyurethane chemistry, but also as a high molecular weight resin in emulsion form for applications where crosslinking is not desired.

LUMIFLON™ coatings offer brilliant, long-lasting colours with a wide gloss range. Due to the product’s ability to resist UV degradation, corrosion and chemical exposure, LUMIFLON™ continues to look good (up to 60 years!), without any required maintenance. Its unique chemical structure furthermore improves resistance to corrosion from water, oxygen and even chloride ions, ensuring a longer life for industrial structures such as bridges.

Dr Kooistra’s talk will be on Tuesday, 14 March 2015 at 2.30 pm.

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Dr Floris Kooistra has nearly 10 years of experience working in the coating industry, having held different positions from product development to innovation management throughout the years. He is currently working for AGC Chemicals Europe in the capacity of Technical Service Centre Manager.

His vast experience in coatings allows him to offer valuable advice towards current and future users of AGC’s LUMIFLON™ resins. Dr Kooistra supports the commercial department in technically related queries and leads AGC’s newly setup Technical Service laboratory in Amsterdam.

Dr Floris Kooistra, Technical Service Centre Manager