LUMIFLON™ FEVE-based Formulations for Hyper-Durable Powder Coatings

AGC Chemicals Europe’s Dr Floris Kooistra will be joining European Coatings Live’s next webcast on Tuesday, 12 December 2017 at 3pm (CET). The talk will focus on LUMIFLON™ FEVE-based formulations for hyper-durable powder coatings.  The innovative fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resin for coatings, LUMIFLON™, an OH functional polyol, was introduced by AGC Chemicals in the early 1980s. Coatings and paints based on LUMIFLON™ ensure that the original appearance of buildings, vehicles, windmills and bridges is maintained for multiple decades.

The free webcast will discuss the following topics:

  • LUMIFLON™ LF710 fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) technology, which has been designed for hyper-durability (qualicoat class 3, AMAA 2605)
  • Accelerated weathering testing for powder coatings versus outdoor exposure (including HE-XWM)
  • Formulating with LF710F and choosing the best raw materials (HDPE blends, TiO2 grades, NCO grades & UV/HALS)
  • Metallic formulation
  • New COOH functional powder grade development

UPDATE: The webcast is now available on

(Please note that a free account is required to access the recording.)


Dr Floris Kooistra, Technical Service Centre Manager

Dr Floris Kooistra has nearly 10 years of experience in the coating industry, working in several positions from product development to innovation management. At present, he is working for AGC Chemicals Europe in the capacity of Technical Service Centre Manager. His extensive experience in the coatings industry allows him to offer valuable advice to current and future users of AGC’s LUMIFLON™ resins.

Dr Kooistra supports the commercial department in technically related queries and leads AGC’s Technical Service laboratory in Amsterdam.